Scottish Professional Football League (Scottish Championship)

Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) was established in 2013 after a merger of the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League. Scottish Championship refers to the league and the top division is called Scottish Premiership.


Scottish Championship is a relative new league, but it should be seen as the new name of an old league, one of the oldest actually. The original Scottish Football League was inaugurated in 1890 (which could be compared with the English Football League founded in 1888).

In 1893, the league started to allow professional players and a second division was also established. Until 1946 the top-flight was called Division One, when it changed to Division A for nine seasons until it became Division One again. In 1975, the name of the top-flight once again change its name, this time to Premier Division.

The Scottish league would change name to Scottish Football Premier League in 1975 and since 2013 the first division has been called Scottish Premiership.

The easiest way to refer to historical records and statistics is the call the league Scottish Championship, which include all names and versions since 1890.


Teams with most titles

Statistics of all Scottish clubs that have won the top division between 1890 and 2017.

Table 1. Clubs and Scottish Championship titles
Club Titles
Rangers 54
Celtic 48
Aberdeen 4
Heart of Midlothian 4
Hibernian 4
Dunbarton 2
Dundee 1
Kilmarnock 1
Dundee United 1
Third Lanark 1

Teams with most titles in the 2000s

Statistics of the Scottish clubs that have won the top division between 2000 and 2018.

Table 2. Scottish Championship titles in the 2000s
Club Titles
Celtic 14
Rangers 4

In the historic struggle between the two superior clubs, Celtic have got the upper hand in the current millennia. This is partly due to the Rangers liquidation in 2012.