Copa América

The Copa América is a football competition between South American national teams. Since 1993, Mexico has also been among the participants and other national teams have occasionally been invited as well. In the beginning, the tournament was held every year, which was later changed to every other year. Copa América was originally named the South American Football Championship (Campeonato Sudamericano de Fútbol in Spanish). In 1975, the tournament was renamed Copa América.

Winners and runners-up

All the hosts, winners and runners-up through the years of the Copa América.

Season Host Winner Runner-up
2021 Brazil† Argentina Brazil
2019 Brazil Brazil Peru
2016* USA Chile Argentina
2015 Chile Chile Argentina
2011 Argentina Uruguay Paraguay
2007 Venezueka Brazil Argentina
2004 Peru Brazil Argentina
2001 Colombia Colombia Mexico
1999 Paraguay Brazil Uruguay
1997 Bolivia Brazil Bolivia
1995 Uruguay Uruguay Brazil
1993 Ecuador Argentina Mexico
1991 Chile Argentina Brazil
1989 Brazil Brazil Uruguay
1987 Argentina Uruguay Chile
1983 - Uruguay Brazil
1979 - Paraguay Chile
1975 - Peru Colombia
1967 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1963 Bolivia Bolivia Paraguay
1959 Ecuador Uruguay Brazil
1959 Argentina Argentina Argentina
1957 Peru Argentina Brazil
1956 Uruguay Uruguay Chile
1955 Chile Argentina Chile
1953 Peru Argentina Brazil
1949 Brazil Brazil Paraguay
1947 Ecuador Argentina Paraguay
1946 Argentina Argentina Brazil
1945 Chile Argentina Brazil
1942 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1941 Chile Argentina Uruguay
1939 Peru Peru Uruguay
1937 Argentina Argentina Brazil
1935 Peru Uruguay Argentina
1929 Argentina Argentina Paraguay
1927 Peru Argentina Uruguay
1926 Chile Uruguay Argentina
1925 Argentina Argentina Brazil
1924 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1923 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1922 Brazil Brazil Paraguay
1921 Argentina Argentina Brazil
1920 Chile Uruguay Argentina
1919 Brazil Brazil Uruguay
1917 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1916 Argentina Uruguay Argentina

* This edition was named Copa América Centenario and was a celebration of the tournament's 100th year anniversary.
† Argentina was the original host, but withdrew from the hostship due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Note 1. Between 1975 and 1983, the tournament was played with no fixed host.
Note 2. Regarding 1959, this is not an error, there were two tournaments held in 1959.


From an historical perspective, there is an obvious lack of in continuity of the competition marked by several irregularities and a few larger gaps between tournaments. Between 1929 and 1935 due to the antagonism between the leading football nation on the continent Argentina and Uruguay that arose after the World Cup final in 1930, no competitions were played. Between 1967 and 1975, partly due the emergency of the Copa Libertadores that was founded in 1960, there was another hiatus.

After the eight-year break, the tournament was renamed from Campeonato Sudamericano to Copa América and a home-and-away format was introduced.

From 1975 to 1987 the tournament included nine teams in a three-groups structure. In 1991 all ten Conmebol members were included in a two-group structure. In 1993, the tournament was expanding to twelve teams and since then other nations has been invited to fill up the 12-team structure. Mexico has participated regularly since 1993, and besides Mexico, Costa Rica, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Qatar, United States has been participated in Copa América. Among the non-original nations, none have so far won the tournament; Mexico have been closest with two second places.

In 2016, the competition was for the first time held outside South America with USA as hosts. This coincided with the 100th year anniversary of the Copa América.



These are the nations with the most titles (1916-2021):

Table 2. Most successful teams and number of participation
Team Titles Participation
Uruguay 15 45
Argentina 15 43
Brazil 9 28
Peru 2 33
Paraguay 2 38
Chile 2 40
Bolivia 1 28
Colombia 1 23

Ecuador is the nation with most participations (29) that haven't won a title.


Highlights from 2021 Copa América Final:

Jonathan Wilson, Angels with Dirty Faces (2016)