Derby County FC

Derby County FC is one of the original teams included when the Football League was established in 1888. They have won the Division One twice and the FA Cup once. Derby is also infamous for bad result in Premier league; during the 2007-08 season they only managed to win one game. Among the most prominent players in the history of the club Steve Bloomer, John McGovern and Colin Todd could be mentioned.

Basic facts

Founded: 1884
Country: England
City: Derby

Home grounds

Racecourse Ground (1884-1895)
Baseball Ground (1895-1997)
Pride Park (1997-)

Main trophies

First Division/Premier League: 2
FA Cup: 1

Prominent players

Steve Bloomer, John McGovern, Colin Todd

Deby County team in 1895
Old photo of the team from 1895.


The club was founded in 1884 by the Derbyshire Country Cricket Club in view of expanding the sports activities over the winter time. In their first decade the reach the FA Cup twice.

Noticeable is also that the club Derby Midland FC merged with the Derby County in 1891. Derby Midland and Derby County did both participate in the FA Cup season 1884-1885. At that time Derby Midland was clearly the stronger team, although they didn't meet in the competition. There were other "Derby"-named football clubs in the 19th century, such as Derby Town and Derby St Luke's.

In 1907, Derby did their first match in the Football League after being elected to the second division. They weren't promoted to the first division until after the Second World War. The 1930s was the great decade for Derby County which won two championship. The following decade would also include one of the club's great moments with the 1946 FA Cup title.

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